"I found reading the book, CONCERNED BUT NOT CONSUMED was like no other I've read in 12 years of ministering. This book definitely will inspire incarcerated youth and adults across the country. It will show them a better way to live. Despite the author having a handicap (stroke) this book ministers and is a service to both handicapped and normal individuals. Further, this book shows the human side of a former police officer, which in itself is a form of serving others. In this book lies a call to minister and to serve both the believer and unbeliever of the Lord Jesus Christ."

Bob & Jennie Kirby Founders/Directors Incarcerated Youth Ministry (IYM)-Retool Detroit, MI


Ron Sanders

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I was a Detroit Police Homicide Detective Sergeant . While working homicide, I was involved in some of the most sensational homicide cases from 1984-1993. One case involved the serial killing of 11 women. This aforementioned serial killer case catapulted me to local notoriety and national fame. This notoriety led me to being photographed and featured in the popular magazine, Vanity Fair. This new found fame also led to the signing of a Hollywood movie contract for the rights, to my police career. I even opted to have ‘Mr. Denzel Washington’ play my part in the prospective movie. All of the previous events occurred in April of 1993. One month later, I suffered a massive and devastating stroke. I went from euphoria and utopia to severe depression and sadness.

I was led by God to do His will by sharing His work in my life for the benefit of others (primarily those with physical handicaps). However, this book is intended to also convey a message of hope to believers, nonbelievers and people without obvious physical handicaps as well. The central theme of this book is aimed at helping others to cope with and not be CONSUMED by everyday life problems. It is put forth as an instrument of encouragement and hope as they progress along the way to becoming more CONCERNED with establishing a deeper and more personal relationship with God.

Furthermore, this book goes into minute detail about how I became very depressed and angry with God for allowing the stroke to occur. I became CONSUMED with the stroke and it's after effects. I also show how several near-death experiences, MIRACLES occurred according to God's plan. The book explains how after several post-stroke years, I finally obtained victorious triumph and realized that the stroke handicap was a master-plan by God to truly have all things work together for the good, for those who love the Lord. And the master- plan over time made me see that my challenges and daily struggles matured me into a ''CONCERNED BUT NOT CONSUMED" believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior.