The Advice of a Faithful Barber

In August of 2004 my spiritual quest really, really began. I went to my friend, the barber/elder’s barbershop. I mentioned him earlier. After I received my haircut and shave, my friend asked me to listen to this radio cassette tape. The tape was of a minister that preached, however, his speech impediment (PROBLEM) was worse than mine. I thanked my barber for the head's up and left.

I had no intention of listening to any tape. If you remember back when my father was telling me to hold the corn bread in my left hand because it was good therapy? I had a disdain for people constantly telling me or referring that something would be good therapy for me. So the rest of the month of August and half of September went by. I hadn't listened to the preacher with a speech impediment, oops, I mean speech PROBLEM, preach.

I knew I would have to get my September haircut and shave. Therefore, I reluctantly went on the Internet to listen to this radio tape because I knew my friend, the barber, was going to ask me about that tape.

As they say, “the rest is history!” I listened to this tape of a preacher man, who had Cerebral Palsy since birth. His speech PROBLEM was more incoherent than mine. Yet, he had been preaching the gospel for over 30 years, to over 100,000 people annually. I was simply amazed and awe struck! I received instant inspiration, after listening to that preacher man. I thanked my barber ever so much, for directing me to that radio tape. He was the same friend that gave me a haircut and shave every two weeks for three years, during my early post stroke days. Also, I remember, he never brow beat about religion or church going etc… If he had at that time (early post-stroke) I probably wouldn't be writing this book.

I guess God agrees timing, and more timing, is everything. Was my barber/friend directing me to that tape part of God's plan for my life, I ask you (Rhetorical question)?