“Ron Sanders has taken what could have been a devastating experience (a stroke) and shown in his momentous new book how trusting in Jesus Christ can make you victorious in life! ”
Minister Veroncia Striggles
Christ Temple Church
Oak Park, Michigan

“If your life has only been perfect and you haven't struggled through anything, then this powerful book is not for you. If you are willing to see life as a journey then see it through the eyes of Ron Sanders.”
Gisele "Gee" Caver
www.keyofgee.com (Online magazine)

Book Excerpts

Book can be purchased at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or by sending email to me at ronCsanders@msn.com


Miracle #10

Miracle #9

Advice of a Faithful Barber

The Stroke

Miracle #18
(Not Included in the Book)

Miracle #19
(Partially Included in the Book)