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“Today people are looking for someone to give them security in an insecure world. Our job, as Christians, is to point them to our Lord Jesus Christ (and have them establish a personal relationship with Him) and show He is the one whom they seek.”

Unknown author

“After reading this very remarkable book, CONCERNED BUT NOT CONSUMED, I realized that I've taken so much in life for granted. As a result, I have become closer to God and established a personal relationship with Him.”

D. Dennard (Former Detroit Police Officer)

“HALLELUJAH, after reading this book I find miracles are still happening!”

Joseph B. Barlow BA. BD. Senior Pastor, Mt Zion Baptist Church, Ecorse, MI

“Wow, superlatives can't describe this page turner (book), CONCERNED BUT NOT CONSUMED! It is not only to the point but is easy to read and is destined to become a classic.”

Tony Saunders, Retired Deputy Chief, Detroit Police Department

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First, please read “Write the vision and make it plain, that he may run who reads it.” (NKJV, Habakkuk 2:2) This means make the message clear so it can be read easily and quickly. This is exactly what I've tried to do. This is my first book. My forte is police work, specifically homicide investigation. I did not try to be the next Pulitzer Prize winner for journalism, or to write a literary masterpiece. I'm also, not a Rhodes Scholar; however, I did write a plain, easy to understand, collection of non-fiction events of my life.

I've tried to capture the essence of the message that one must not be CONSUMED by anything in or of the world but should be CONCERNED about God and establishing a personal relationship with Him. As one of my friends said after reading my rough draft book manuscript, "After reading your manuscript I've realized that I've taken so much in life for granted. I need to get closer to God, myself." This statement by my friend actually summarizes the entire book and illustrates the message I've tried to convey. Only a relationship with God can give us lasting peace.

Further, I was instructed by God to remain both Humble & Vigilant throughout the writing of this book. I've tried to honor and be faithful concerning these instructions.

“Everyone on this earth has a story to tell. No matter how significant or small, everyone should tell the world their story.” Ron Sanders

“It is of the Lord's mercies that we are not CONSUMED, because his compassions fail not.” -Lamentations 3:22 (NKJV)