It's Saturday January 20, 2007. My name is Ronald Sanders. I'm a 23 year retired, homicide detective sergeant from the Detroit Police Department. I've decided to put my thoughts and some of my past actions to paper. I prayed to God about what to write first. God led me to the scripture that says, "In all your ways acknowledge Him; He will direct your paths" (KJV, Proverbs 3:6). Therefore, I'm writing this spiritually inspired book. With the thought that I would reveal later and write about my police exploits, some of which I’ve never shared before during the 23 years I served as a police officer in the City of Detroit.

Although my book opens with a 2007 date, what's contained on the pages of this book has past, present and future relevance. It will give pertinent information for your life and a course of action that can possibly get you into heaven. The book itself is a non-fiction verbal documentary of my life's twists (CONCERNS), and turns (CONSUMED) and how I have found everlasting peace and happiness through the Lord Jesus Christ. Also, you will find by reading this book that through Jesus Christ's death and His resurrection He offers forgiveness and eternal life. To the unbeliever, you may be unaware of what God offers.

A friend read the title of my book, CONCERNED BUT NOT CONSUMED, and said, "It's a very profound statement/title!" I believe my friend's following thoughts were very appropriate to include in the introduction because it sets the tone for the entire book.

“The book title reveals that God wanted you to be CONCERNED about your condition or challenge (stroke) and to do those things you needed to do. Taking additional physical therapy and eating the proper diet in order to get healthier, are examples. Instead, you were CONSUMED about the stroke challenge. You were CONSUMED to the point of hiding from family and friends.

You were CONSUMED in thoughts of how others would perceive you. You couldn't see or understand how everyone had genuine CONCERN for you, despite the stroke. You didn't realize you were perceived by others as the same person post-stroke as pre-stroke. Furthermore, you are no longer CONSUMED with thinking, “Why me Lord?”, “But Lord, what would you have me to do?” “You want me to be CONCERNED about getting healthier and to use the stroke challenge to help others?”

Another illustration or interpretation of this title could be that a person may say, "I want to be rich." Is this person saying they just want to be rich enough, to take care of basic needs for themselves and family? This would equal CONCERNED. On the other hand, another person makes the identical statement but is obsessed with hitting the lottery, excessive gambling, racetracks, or any other form of luck by chance. Then we can conclude this person is CONSUMED.

Actually, this same comparison can be applicable to about anything in life. It's my personal belief that Satan tries to keep us CONSUMED so that we are not CONCERNED about God and what He has to offer. God offers forgiveness, prosperity, truth, everlasting life, etc…

In my (God's) book I attempt to illustrate throughout my personal journey, that I was so caught up (CONSUMED) with a challenge in my life, I almost forgot about thinking and being CONCERNED about what was most important. What the Lord through the Holy Spirit offers is more important than anything on this earth.