Miracle #18 - Not Included in the Book

In the 1980's, when I was a sergeant uniform patrol supervisor another sergeant co-worker says to me, out of the clear blue the following; "Ron, if you park your car in your garage always back in versus driving directly forward into the garage because there's a blind spot over your left shoulder." I had never even thought about which way to park a vehicle in a garage.

Approximately, two weeks later I was working the afternoon shift (4pm-12mid), after working the shift I arrived home and backed my vehicle into the garage. The garage was adjacent to the through street. Fortunately, I did this because low and behold, a person was hiding next to my garage in a unfenced dog run. What saved me from being robbed or killed was the fact that I had my off-duty gun in my hand. As I exited my vehicle, I'll vividly describe what then occurred so that one may get a visual picture of what transpired. I had my gun in my right hand, I had to reach above me to pull a rope attached to the overhang garage door to bring it down. As I was pulling the garage door down, with gun in hand the person hiding next to garage stepped out startling me. He was in front of me but my gun now was pointed directly between this person's eyes. The potential robber/killer then stated, "Hey man I ain't gonna do nothing." I replied, "I KNOW you ain't!" He then backed away down the street.

I think my backing the vehicle into the garage, prevented my getting robbed or killed. I ordinarily (before the other sergeant told me differently), drove my car straight into the garage. However, if I had did that night the person hiding would have surprised me, by concealing himself over my left shoulder, in my blind spot. Here again, is an example of how God was looking out for me. I personally conclude this as another miracle in my life.