Miracle #9

In 1973, I was working a special assignment in conjunction with the Michigan State Attorney General's office. This assignment was called Special Detail 318. Why it was called Special Detail 318, I have no idea to this day. However, the assignment consisted of approximately 20 police officers, whose assignment was to bring to justice crooked police officers working at a particular Detroit police precinct. Part of my assignment/function was to guard potential witnesses, who would testify against the police officers.

One summer day I worked the afternoon shift, 6:00pm-6:00am. I arrived at a secluded motel room, where some of the witnesses were being guarded. During this shift change another officer assigned to the detail picked up his personally-owned department approved sawed-off shotgun. When the officer picked up the shotgun it went off. I was standing approximately 4 feet away from the officer and shotgun, with my back turned. When the shotgun went off several pellets struck me in the back. I yelled, "I've been shot!" I fell to the floor but no blood appeared. It turned out I was just sprayed with some pellets (much like the highly publicized 2006 shotgun incident, involving Vice-President Dick Cheney). I never even had to go to a hospital.